Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Continuing Saga of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Visits

Several more Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have opened in my local area and I have been able to visit many of them.  I actually have a least favorite now and I hate to say, it is probably exactly what the majority of people think of when they think "marijuana dispensary".  From the locations, to actually getting into the building and then everything that happens when you get inside, truth be told, it's just awful.  Let's review...

This particular dispensary is located on a side street smack in the middle of a busy downtown area.  (I'm specifically not naming cities or company names because I'd rather not get sued for my opinion.)  It's hard to get to and if you aren't looking you will miss it.  You have to go down another side street to get to the parking area behind the building - and you can only go one way because the other way around is a one way street so if you are like me and terrible with directions and finding things when you are driving, you end up driving right past the place and going two blocks down to turn around.

Once successfully parked, finding the actual entrance was even a little difficult.  Not sure exactly which side to go around and thinking the door should be at the front of the building made things even more confusing.  The door is actually on the same side as the one way street so you don't see it because you can't go down that way to enter the parking lot.  Finally though, I managed to find the door and quickly realized it was locked and I had to wait for someone to buzz me in.  Standing outside this building and waiting did not make me feel very safe.  Maybe it's the city, maybe it's the specific area of the city.  Regardless, I really felt nervous waiting for someone to open the door for me.

After I was granted access, I opened the door and it hit me immediately - the stench of marijuana so strong I honestly expected someone (or several people actually) to be standing in the lobby with an open baggie rolling a blunt.  No one was though, it just smelled that bad.  It took an excessively long amount of time for the person BEHIND BULLET PROOF GLASS to verify my credentials and check me in.  After that, I was asked to sit down and wait.  I can't lie when I say I was feeling a little out of place and more anxious than I did at any of the other dispensaries.  Some other people came in; people that, I'm sorry to say, give medical marijuana usage a bad name.  I hate to stereotype but these people were the very definition of the term "junkies".  Technically, I was on the bad side of town and I would imagine that was the reason for all the extra security like the locked doors, bullet proof glass and cameras everywhere, but it was the clientele that made me nervous.  Every single person that walked into that dispensary commented on the smell, made loud and obnoxious references to smoking weed and using other drugs, and seriously needed work on their personal hygiene.  I don't mind smoking weed references, but the shooting heroin and hot railing meth talk was a bit much.

Once I was granted access to the back of the dispensary, where they actually keep the product, I noticed the smell wasn't nearly as bad as it was in the lobby.  Perhaps the clientele had something to do with that, though when I first came in no one was even in the lobby but me.  Who knows.  The budtender guy- or weed barista as I like to call them - handed me a sheet of paper with the different selections they had available.  I know I am old and my vision isn't what it used to be (hell, it's always been bad) but this paper had so much crammed onto it in about 6 point font that I simply could not even read it.  When I explained various symptoms I was having and and asked what strains they had to offer that could help, the budtender just told me what he liked.  Not super informative but whatever.  I figured it out.  I noticed their prices were much less expensive than some of the other dispensaries in the area, even the one just across town.  Location, location, location I guess.

Everyone that worked there was basically nice enough and nothing too terrible was technically wrong with the place.  I just prefer the other locations.  I'm glad there is a facility that is able to provide medical marijuana to the clientele in that area and I hope that their usage is above board.  However, from the vibe I was getting, I'm not sure it is.  And that right there is what bothers me about all of this. Visiting this particular Medical Marijuana Dispensary made me feel no different than visiting my friendly neighborhood drug dealer.  Maybe that works for some people, but it's just not the experience I prefer.  It's still good to know that the product isn't going to be mixed or laced with other things and what you purchase is safe; so there is that.

Please enjoy this photo of my new haircut.

Even though I feel like a total Karen after writing this, I promise, I didn't ask to speak to the manager!

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