Friday, February 1, 2019

The Perfect Cure

I cannot tell you how many emails and comments I get providing me with information on cures. Cures for Crohn's, Colitis, IBD, IBS, Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Diabetes, and even Cancer and HIV/AIDS.  I don't know if it bothers me more because I know there probably is a cure or because maybe honestly there isn't.  Or because if it was as easy as taking the supplement or herbal remedy, trying the diet or reading the book then no one would be sick and the world would be such a better place.  Anyway, this meme sums up how I feel about getting these messages pretty nicely. Enjoy.


Amy said...

You mean you haven't trekked up a mountain to find an elusive plant (of which, only 10 are known to exist in the world) that promises to cure you, but only if you also stand on your head while ingesting it?

Unknown said...

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in my 20's and I chose to go untreated until last year at age 54 I had pain that put me in the hospital it turned out to be "my first scare"...but I was still ok. I went to my regular dr. Who suggested I finally see a specialist just in case this happened again. I went to the specialist weighing 170# and he automatically told me that I didn't have Crohn's...he said I didn't look sick, I said well, that's what I was told in my 20's. He told me to swallow the "pill cam" and I told him I wasn't sure if that was a good idea, my poop is not that big that comes out...he looked at me like I was crazy so I set up the appointment to swallow the camera....well, the camera got stuck which put me in the hospital waiting to pop out the camera!! Camera showed BAD CROHN'S He said I needed surgery. It has been a year since my surgery and I still have the exact same problems as before. I have trouble pooping but I feel the need to try all the time and I get soooo tired of feeling the urge to go to the bathroom and not really doing much....does this even sound like Crohn's??? I am so confused.

Jenni's Guts said...

I don't know if your symptoms point to Crohn's or not but I do know that Crohn's comes in all shapes and sizes and no two people have the same kind of Crohn's even if it's in the same location. That's the terrible part. Perhaps you could switch doctors and see a different specialist for a second opinion. I wish you the best. Please keep in touch with your progress. Be well!