Friday, December 29, 2017

No surgery!

Dr. GI used a balloon during my colonoscopy to stretch the narrowed area at my anastamosis and barring all the pain I'm having still and continued feelings of bloating and fullness after I eat just a little, it supposedly fixed the problem.  I have yet to see results but I, as of right now, don't have to have surgery.  I'm just waiting to feel better from this procedure that everyone has assured me shouldn't have caused much pain, if any at all.  It's been a week.  I'm still very uncomfortable.  :\

Happy New Year!

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Sami Forster said...

I had a colonoscopy procedure on the 15th Dec, took 23 biopsies from in me.. still awaiting the results. The DR said there and then it is possibly Crohns Disease but the results will confirm it. Past 2-3 weeks have been hell for me. I’m up 2-3 times in the night in so much pain, i’m scared to eat because thats what causes the pain but I have to for the steroid tablets to try and work. I’m scared this disease is going to precent me from getting a job that I want to do because i’m sometimes in tears curled up in a ball because of the pain. Weird thing is it’s mainly my back that it’s hurting. My poor boyfriend wakes up everytime it happens and rubs my back for me til it settles a bit and i can finally sleep again. It’s driving me mad. I just want to sleep and not be terrified about leaving the house.