Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gettin' Ink Done

Check out this link from Healthline featuring fellow IBD'rs who have chosen to get tattoos to show their support, struggle and strength in the face of Crohn's and Colitis.  (My tattoo just happens to be on page 7 of the list!)  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.  Seeing all this great ink just makes me want to get more!!  IBD INK

If you want your IBD Ink featured on this list, Healthline is looking for new submissions.  All people have to do is send in a clear photo of their tattoo with a short description, with the subject “My Crohn's tattoo,” to nominations@healthline – Then they’ll then feature them on the site! 


valarie mryncza said...

I just discovered this blog & I find it interesting, informative, & oddly entertaining. I have just spent the last few hours (interrupted only by bathroom runs) reading all of your posts. I do want to thank you for taking the time to write this & put yourself out there, open for all to see.
I have many symptoms of some kind of intestinal disorder. I am seeing a Gastro doc on July 11. I'm wondering if you have ever been incontinent of feces? I am, all the time. If you are unable to email a response to me, I totally understand. I just thought I'd try to reach out to you & ask. Thank you again for your blog.....keep 'em coming!!

Jenni's Guts said...

Hi Valarie,
I'm so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it. And yes, I experience fecal incontinence on a regular basis. Not much to be done for me but be within three steps of a bathroom at all times. This a huge reason why I hardly ever leave my house and when I do I only go to places that are very close and where I know I can easily access a close restroom facility. Such is the life. Good luck at the doctor and let me know what happens. Keep reading and be well!

Thanks for reading - Jenni

Alix Kramer said...

Jenni - I love your blog! I'm an intern for and have a bunch of links to send you that I think you'd like (like one to these gorgeous chronic illness-inspired tattoos)! I'd love to have your email so I could send them to you and some more info about ChronicBabe (because I think you and the ChronicBabe would get along super well!). My email is if you'd prefer to email me and not have your email here!