Saturday, February 13, 2016


I met with the dietitian and we decided instead of going full FODMAP diet crazy, I should slowly make changes to what and how I eat.  These changes include Kefir - a really tart, really odd tasting, thick milk byproduct that has more and different probiotics than yogurt and it has a ton of protein - which I am supposed to be getting more of.  Like 80-90 grams of protein a day.  And I have to take the Kefir in small amounts throughout the day so it "replants" my guts continually.  It's not bad in plain form but it's better in a smoothie.  I'm pretty much smoothie-ing everything and trying to eat little bits throughout the day instead of just one or two huge meals.  I'm also lowering the amount of fat I intake at one time. And I'm trying to be mostly gluten free. Trying being the operative word here. 

I'm supposed to take a ton of supplements and stuff but I haven't gotten them yet.  I need to make this transition a little slower.  I don't want to do everything all at once because if something goes wrong and I get sicker I won't know what caused it.  Also, if I start getting better I want to know what did it.

So, that's what's happening now.  Another note on the Kefir - it's better than a lot of the other stuff I have had to drink because of my illnesses.  That's one good thing.  It's also lactose and gluten free.  I've actually noticed I am beginning to crave it sometimes.  It's weird.   


Kristin at SunnySewing said...

Thank you for posting this. I keep buying Kefir but I'm scared to try it. (I have major stomach issues as well as gut issues). I think I may take the chance today and start off small with it. I'm dealing with a pretty terrible flare up right now so I might as well try something new!
I started drinking Apple cider vinegar, with honey and a dash of cinnamon - in hot water like a tea. At first it tasted horrible, but then I grew to crave it every morning. It's been a year now and I am still drinking it. The days I don't have it I feel starving all day; the days I do drink it I don't feel that way. It's really helped my allergies too.
I've also been Gluten free for almost 4 years now. It definitely helped with joint and muscle pain. I'm less foggy in the brain too. But digestively I don't think it did much for me. I can only eat about 10 things without severe pain - and even those things backfire some days.

I wish you luck with the Kefir!!

fabulosaurusrex said...

Hi Jenni,

My boyfriend of 4 1/2 years is currently going through a 2 year struggle of getting a concrete Crohn's diagnosis, and this week and next week we see our 7th and 8th doctor regarding this, so while I empathize with what you have been and are going through, I'm really just starting to understand it! It's been a struggle, as you certainly will know, but we've found great resources and community (like your blog) to encourage us to keep "fighting the good fight".
I've been making note of all the dietary modifications you've made, not to use as a bible for our life, but as a fallback resource to find new things we haven't tried yet.
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, especially in such detail. It helps us know we're not alone.

Becca said...

I'm curious if you've been making your own kefir. I have been making it for a few months to help my son who has Crohn's and colitis (rare, yes, but it's the actual diagnosis). So far it's helped stop the bleeding, which is a nice benefit. Have you tried kambucha and cultured veggies? I find the combination of the three to be the "triple threat" and that it's helping tremendously. Keep up the kefir! xoxo A fan, Becca

Jenni Schaeffer said...

Becca - I buy Lifeway Kefir at the store. It was what was recommended by the dietitian. I use the plain kind. Good luck to your son.