Monday, November 16, 2015

Money makes me really, it does.

Why does the status and severity of my health problems wax and wane depending upon my financial status?  I see the doctor and I'm somehow in devastating peril that will cause me to need many more visits to the doctor, many, many expensive tests and bottles upon bottles of medications.  However, when it's time for another appointment and I don't have my co-pay and I call and let the office know this, I need to reschedule my appointment, I am all of a sudden cured.  "Oh, well Doctor doesn't have an available appointment until three months from now, would you like that one?"

Really?  I thought it was imperative that I saw doctor in six weeks.  I thought doctor wanted to make sure I was doing well and make adjustments to my medications, if necessary, so doctor needed to see me now.  I need a prescription refill of something that doctor said I couldn't just stop, but you won't refill it unless I come in and physically see doctor.  What do I do about my medicine now? Oh, I'm no longer a concern when I don't have my co-pay at the time of my visit, I see.  It isn't as important for my medication levels to be checked and for the doctor to even look at my chart now.  I can immediately stop this medication now because I can't afford to come in and see doctor to get it refilled.  Fantastic.  I'm feeling better already.

If the government would get it together and get my disability started I wouldn't be in this problem and I'd be able to take care of myself better.


verena said...

It's so awful. Last year, around the exact same time, I was at my GI's office. As I am at the counter, I overhear how they are about to turn away a lady in her seventies, because she didn't have her $20 co-pay. After I paid for it, it turned out that she was there to get results of a colonoscopy- she had had cancer and the colonoscopy would show her whether the cancer was back. I was so fucking furious. TWENTY DOLLARS. For shame, really, for shame.

Jenni Schaeffer said...

Thank you, Verena, for paying for that poor lady's copay. I love you for that! I'd do that for people but I don't even have $45 to pay for my own copay right now. UGH! It's all bullshit! Much love to you!!! Be well!