Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just to catch you up...

As I sit upon my throne (yes, I'm literally on the toilet) and write this blog post, my stomach is aching and my bowels won't stop moving.  I'm so very nauseous that I'm actually afraid to move to fast for fear I will inevitably blow chunks.  Nausea has to be the absolute worst feeling in the world.  Far worse than any pain imaginable.  In my mind anyway.  That constant nagging that maybe you will and maybe you won't have to run for the bucket; I just can't handle. But I'm not writing this post to talk about puke.  I actually have lots to say.

First off, I'm sick again (still).  It's been going on for several days now.  Fatigue, headaches, nausea and mass quantities of diarrhea that just won't stop.  And pain, weird muscle type pain in my stomach.  Probably from purging every bit of food I attempt to eat.  I've lost ten pounds in three days.  (Yeah!) Oh, and my poop is dark green.  Cool, huh?  Not really.

So many things have happened since my last post.  I feel like my whole life has changed.  We had to put down another one of our beloved dogs, Ginger.  She was 14 and very sick.  But she fought until the end and then she was finally at peace.  Losing my animals is always a very hard thing for me.  She was the last of our three original dogs - Wicket, Baylee, and Ginger.  We still have Lazarus, Ellie Rue, and the new pup, Loki. Pets are a definite necessity for me and I love them like my children.  Especially because my child is now a full blown teenager and I can't stand her anymore.  (Just kidding...maybe)

I recently read this great article/website from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation in the UK. Find it here. The UK has the best stuff!! This all about how IBD can cause fatigue and you can rate how fatigue is affecting you and your disease.  I took their test and apparently I am having a harder time with fatigue than I thought.  I mean, I always knew that I had fatigue and was exhausted a lot of the time but after using their tools I really came to realize just how bad it does affect my life.  I encourage you to check this out.  You might be surprised about how much your fatigue is connected to you disease.  I'm definitely bringing this up the next time I go see Dr. GI.

I'm happy to announce that we have gone back to church.  It was a huge part of my life when I started this blog and I'm not really sure what happened but somehow it was phased out when nursing school and trying to find a job and then working weekends happened.  But we are back and I'm so very pleased to say I can again see and feel God working and moving in my life.  Now, I'm praying for new intestines all together. Hey, it could happen.

I'm still waiting on my disability.  I really don't want to comment much on this because I am beyond frustrated with the whole process of things.  I hate trying to prove to the government how sick I am while trying to portray myself as normal to the rest of the world.  I'm to the point where I almost want to give up, but I won't.  It's personal now.

Lastly, I must tell you that the Hubs went and dislocated his left bicep tendon from the bone.  He had to have surgery to fix it.  He is still recouping but he has this really awesome arm brace that makes him look like a freaking Auto-bot!!  I think it's way cooler than it probably is.  Oh and the ironic thing...he's left handed.  So he was unable to use his left arm for anything for about three weeks.  He is now doing some physical therapy to make the arm stronger and bend more easily before he gets to go back to work.  He's gotten a lot of attention lately but I think the table are about to turn.  With my belly acting up I'm going to need some special attention myself.

So that's what's up in my world.  Hopefully we can just chill for the rest of the summer and no one does any major damage to themselves for awhile.  I pray my belly calms down too.  I'm getting to old for this!!!

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