Monday, March 17, 2014

Happiness Crohnicals

Well the search for my happy ended me up in the whack shack for five days.  I was so depressed and so suicidal that when I went to my therapy session last Tuesday she pink slipped me right to the hospital.  I was really alright with that.  It was a great facility and I really got  a lot out of being there and met some very interesting people.  But I'm home now.  Today was my first full day "out" so I hooked up with me pal Brandi Gibbs. (see My Support System for a photo of me and Gibbs.)

Gibbs is a psychiatric RN.  We went to LPN school together and began a life long friendship there.  She continued on to get her RN which I did not.  She awesome.  So as my "free" psych nurse" time today, she made me do things as therapy.

First she dragged me to a craft store.  I got some colored pencils so I can keep coloring and some air fresheners for my car.  I also had to wear this:

I mean what is this? A snow hat, A princess hat, Barbie? I have no clue.
Then we drove around town which seemed to take hours but it was fun.  Then we went to the store to get something for dinner.  Gibbs wanted to grill out so she got some chicken legs and a hunk of meat.

While standing outside by the grill Brandi says to me, "Would you beat my meat??"  What seemed like an eternity of laughing I finally realized this was the meat she was referring to:

So, naturally, I beat the meat.  Brandi said it was good therapy but if a therapist ever says that and means something else, I should call someone for help and get an adult.

Me beating the meat.  She does not have a proper meat beater (meat tenderizer)  I let it slide though.

We ate, it was good.  I'm home now with this great tale of my Journey to Happy.  I hope you have all enjoyed my day as much as I have. 

I'm feeling better.  :)

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