Friday, October 25, 2013

The irony of it all

In case you didn't know I have Crohn's disease.  I have a lot of Crohnie friends online.  I have a lot of Crohnie friends who have colostomies, ileostomies, etc.  Hell, my own grandmother had a colostomy.  I am a nurse.  I deal with things that come out of the human body that would turn most people's stomachs.  I had a patient that had a colostomy.  I had no idea what to do.  I realized, with all this poop and poop related things in my life for the last 18 years I have never done anything with a colostomy bag.  Never had a patient with one until the other day either.  Is that not the shear definition of irony or what?

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Fingers said...

I am a nurse as well as a Crohnie, ileostomate and shortbowel syndrome TPN dependent chick. So yes that's totally nuts that you've never taken care of someone with an ostomy.