Sunday, May 5, 2013

No. Stop it. Not now. NOT NOW!!!!

Last night at work something I had always wondered about actually happened.  One of my Resident's blood sugar bottomed out (he isn't even diabetic), another Resident had fallen and I had to squad her out to the hospital, and right at that very moment those two things happened - I had to poop.  And there was no stopping it.  Life with Crohn's - shit just got real!  Literally!!!

Everything got handled and I did some fine negotiating between my problems with my body and my problems with my Residents, but I have to say, it was neither fun nor exciting. NOR was it something I ever want to have happen again.  I thought the bowels were supposed to slow and be calm while the adrenaline flows?  I thought it was Fight or Flight not Fight or Fly to the Bathroom!

Since I apparently will always need a constant reminder that Crohn's will forever be with me, I finally got my purple ribbon.  I love it.  Not only does the purple ribbon stand for Crohn's and Colitis but it also poses as awareness for Chiari Malformation which the hubs has, Animal Abuse, Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer's Disease.  Very, very important causes in my life. 

To answer your questions - yes, it's on my wrist, no, it isn't the first tattoo I've gotten and yes, it hurt.  It hurt like hell.   But I love it!

Rock on Crohnies!

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