Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Caution: I'm talking about POOP again!

Okay, seriously, why am I always the farthest place possible away from the bathroom when I'm shopping?  I seriously thought I was going to need a clean up in isles 4, 5, and 6 on the way to the bathroom yesterday while I was out. I made it though - barely.  I hate that.

The urge to poop always comes on out of nowhere.  I'm all like, la dee da, I'm shopping then BAM! It hits and I must poop NOW! No warning. Where's the warning?!?  Where's the belly rumblings?  Or the slight urge that it may happen in the next ten minutes or so?  I get an instant burning feeling in my rectum from the boiling hot diarrhea and have to run for it.  I don't run. I hate this!


Once I get into the bathroom and let the explosion begin it never fails.  Some stupid woman comes in and uses the stall right next to me.  It's simple bathroom etiquette really.  You separate yourself by a stall. Always.  I'm always on an end so I can make it easier, but it never fails.  There can be fifteen empty stalls in the bathroom and the woman that comes in will use the one right next to me.  WHY MUST PEOPLE DO THIS?????  It boggles the mind.

Okay, enough of the ranting.  I'm feeling okay physically and need a job.  I'm driving myself crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have colitis and crohns disease and my mom just turned me onto your blog. More than the crohns issues right now I'm having trouble with all the extra perks I've gotten since the crohns and am just looking for some sort of outlet. I was thinking about starting my own blog if I can get over the complete fear in the pit of my stomach causing me to stop writing every other sentence and head for the potty. Thanks for sharing your story, I can relate. Duh, that sounded stupid, of course I can relate I have that oh so wonderful disease I joke about, calling it my Crohn's diet. The only advantage I've found is any weight I gain, I eventually poop it all out. Too bad the jokes aren't apparent right now because the depression is taking over.

Anonymous said...

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Lindsay Kayla said...

I tried to post a comment earlier but I don't think it worked!

-here we go again!

This was hilarious! I totally know what you are talking about! I have had Crohn's for 13 years now and I get that all the time!

You gave me a good laugh though! Thanks for sharng!


whisperingsage said...

I just began Anatabloc also- it is helping my energy levels , though not as good as pHenomenal water.
I have been on 50 herbs and some help, but no cure. I have been resorting to 80 mg of pepcid twice a day. Otherwise, if I don't take it at night I wake up like clockwork at 3 am, to go to the toilet.

I believe this originated from me taking my childhood vaccines because I didn't have my paperwork to get into nursing school. That was when it began. I think the thimerisol damaged my mast cells, and I often find advice to parents of autistic children applies to me in the gut department- this is a common issue with them- the same mercury that damages their brains also damages thier guts.

Anyway, online research all these years (2003) I looked for deficiencies- D, Zinc, B12, C, And when I would increase my dose to a medicinal dose, it would go away for about two months and then return. Like it adjusted. It helped but it wasn't the root.

I had been Keeping at 3 BM's a day, solid, and the Anatabloc causes diarrhea within 45 minutes, but it goes away. I may just have to adjust my dose. It also may be a thing that will havge top take time. pHenomenal water causes me diarrhea within a time after taking it too, and I may assume it is flushing out toxins, maybe not, but then I am OK. Still not off the pepcid though, that is my goal.
In the long run, the diarrhea (causing malnutrition) has caused B12 deficiency, Mg deficiency (I solidify if I take 1600 mg a day) C deficiency (I solidify if I take 10,000 mg a day), D deficiency, adrenal exhaustion, and worsened my already weak thyroid. I have been tested for gluten intolerance 5 times, all negative, (in fact, whole wheat bread temporarily solidifies me) Am not lactose intolerant, but do have overactive histamine in my gut (that is why the pepcid works). This is also what caauses a duodenal ulcer. When i first talked to a natural doctor about it he said "what foods give yu diarrhea? " I said "no foods, fasting, i get it at 3 am" And he said "pituitary" And that seems to be a part of the puzzle. Food in general seems to solifiy me and going without eating for a few hours will bring on the diarrhea.

Here's some more paradoxes- prunes and figs solidify me. I would loe to be able to heal my problem with C, D, Mg, prunes and figs, but they are ony temporary and in those doses are expensive. I am unemployed (LPN also) and my husband is going to get a 20% cut in pay for money saving purposes( the federal sequestriation, yes we know they could have chosen to stop all funding of foreign countries or at least those that are our enemies, or stopped subsidizing sports (yea they do)).

Steve Balliett said...

Hi Jenni,

Hope you are feeling better today.

I HAD upper GI Crohn's Disease in my small intestine. And although I didn't have to poop all the time, I had to vomit all the time. Sometimes without warning. Imagine that? It was frustrating.

It got so bad that in 1998 I literally vomited to DEATH in an ambulance. However, the EMT's did restart my heart, which is why I can comment here today.

Yes for lower GI Crohn's, I can understand completely. I had a co-worker who had this same problem you do.

Fortunately for me, I was able to completely cure my Crohn's symptoms for good, using the Vegan Diet and some other supplements which strengthened my digestion. 7 years healed now, with no flare-ups at all. What a relief!

My heart goes out to all Crohn's sufferers. It was only after I had to learn the hard lesson that I needed to work together with my body and not against it. And learning to eat right all over again that taught me the wonderful benefits of the Plant Diet.