Thursday, February 7, 2013

T'was the night before surgery...

T'was the night before surgery and what am I doing?  Well my AWESOME mother bought me an hour massage earlier today so I could try and relax.  It was pretty awesome.  My muscles feel way better.  (Thanks, Mom, you're the BEST!) 

I've finished watching the television series I'd been watching on Netflix for the past three weeks.  That's always bitter sweet but at least I can go into surgery knowing that I finished it.  But Dr. Who still awaits with more fun filled episodes!

I've finally stopped cleaning and just said screw it!  The weather has gone from frozen to muddy in our back yard and the three dogs are tracking their little muddy paws throughout the house and I'm just too dang tired to keep cleaning up after them.  I won't be home for two weeks so I don't even care right now. Besides my mother-in-law will definitely clean while I'm gone. Bwhahahahaha!!

I've checked and rechecked the suitcase a million times adding stupid things I know won't need.  I think there are at lease forty-five bobby pin, three hair clips and twenty-seven hair ties.  Seriously.  I know I won't use a single one.

I'm getting ready to take a shower and wash my hair and shave my legs one last time.  It will probably be a few days until I can bathe again.  That's the worst thing about being in the hospital.

I just (literally just while I was typing the last paragraph) received my confirmation call from the nurse to make sure I don't eat after midnight.  Already done, I stopped eating two hours ago.

And the only thing left is to take my medication tonight and try and get some sleep.  4 o'clock in the morning is going to be here before I know it.  Then the fun begins. 

Good night and I will update as soon as I can.  Cheers!

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S.Evans said...

I just got out of the hospital today from a Crohns flare after 2 1/2 years of remission. Your blog has helped me pull myself out of a pity party and try to find something active to do with my thoughts. Thank you!

I hope the surgery went well and for a speedy solid food.