Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I have Crohn's...not really

After my diagnosis when there weren't many answers to be found, I came up with a few reasons why I was lucky enough to get Crohn's disease.  Although none of them are actually true, they are kind of funny.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons I have Crohn's ...

1.  I swallowed gum.
2.  I ate Matzo balls in some kind of soup.
3.  I was in gymnastics and it twisted up my bowels.
4.  I used to eat raw hamburger meat while it was cooking.
5.  My grandpa fed me Spam and Sardines when I was little and called it "special meat". (Gasp!!)
6.  My mom always used the microwave to make baked potatoes instead of the oven.
7.  I was never breastfed.
8.  I was exposed to power lines as a baby.
9.  My mom and dad were drunk at a New Year's Eve party when I was conceived.  I am a September baby after all. ;)
10.  I drank from the hose in the backyard and/or from the natural spring down the road.


Ragamuffin said...

wait wait... so none of these are actual reasons why you have Crohn's, but did they actually happen? :D

as per usual, love it.

Jenni said...

Well, with the exception of #9, yes all of these things did actually happen. I am a September baby but have no idea if my parents were bombed when I was conceived. :) Thanks for reading Ragamuffin!! Be Well!!

Kristopher Cleary said...

Sounds like the average Western child in many ways :o) haha