Saturday, July 7, 2012

News Flash - it's HOT!

It's hot.  It's actually past hot and straight up disgusting.  I cannot stand hot weather.  I hate to sweat.  I don't mind going to the gym and sweating during a good workout, but sweating walking from my front door to my car is seriously over the top.  Work is awful.  I work with the elderly and they love this weather.  They are always "freezing" if the chillers are running and all the thermostats get set somewhere between WTF and HELL.  Standing at my med cart just pulling medication causes me to pour - and I do mean pour - sweat.  My scrubs stick to me.  Then I have to move and actually go pass out the medication.  Then it's up the stairs and down the stairs over and over again.  It's gross and I can't stand it.  But I still love my job.  I could just do without the sweat.  I lost 4 pounds during one 8 hour shift the other day.  Really.

I think the weather is supposed break next week - hopefully anyway.  I never thought I would look forward to mid 80's.  I may be moving to Siberia.

One thing I have noticed is an increase in my Fibromyalgia pain.  My neck, back and hips were hurting so bad for the last two weeks I ended up seeing my doctor.  She gave me a steroid shot (way better than pills!) and a lofty prescription of Vicodin to get me through.  God love her!!  She also is checking my B12 and Vitamin D levels.  I haven't done my shot in 2 months so I am anxious to see how those turn out. 

So here's to the heat.  I have to go Google rain dancing now.  And possibly shower for the third time today.  

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