Monday, May 21, 2012


I've joined yet another Crohnie site.  It's called Crohnology and the best thing about it is that you can set up a reminder that will text you and ask you about how you are feeling.  This can be set for however often you would like to update that information - daily, weekly, etc.  AND the site will keep track of all of this information so you can see how many days you feel good and don't.  Information you can later take to your doctor. I think this is a brilliant idea.  I believe there is some sort of app for this on an I-phone but since I'm a Blackberry girl, I don't have that app option.  So I love this!! Besides this nifty little thing, the Crohnology site is a patient to patient platform of information sharing.  It helps locate others in your area with like symptoms and treatments.  The more I am learning about it the more I'm really digging this site. Maybe you should Crohnology too. 


Ragamuffin said...

this is great -- thanks so much, Jenny :) hope that you are well!!

Bob Gorden said...

Hi Jenny, I really like your site. I was dx with Crohn's in Jan 2012. I found a cool phone app called GI Monitor. The app also has a support group called ButtBook. Check it out they are real good buch of people.


Bobby Gorden said...

Hi Jenny, I am happy to see yet another good site for us Crohnies.
I am posting a new article also on how to chose the right doctor.

I also really suggest finding the phone app GI Monitor. It is great for tracking your symptoms, It also has a IBD forum called ButtBook, hehehe. The forum has some great people. If you get the app I am BobbyG on there. Come and say hello.