Sunday, April 1, 2012

Post a day challenge Day 1

I am doing the Wego Health Activist Writers Challenge to write a post a day for every day in April.  Today I am supposed to write something about what I would put in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years or something.  Since I never actually was good at following rules I am totally going to do my own kind of post.  But not because I'm being rude - I was on the road today.... for 7 hours!  I missed the actual email describing what specifically to write about other than briefly reading something of a time capsule entry.  So here goes...

To Whom It Concerns in the Year 2112:
    If Crohn's disease is still around that must still totally suck!  I can't imagine how far toilet paper has come in the last 100 years considering they just keep making it smaller and smaller now.  There probably isn't much left for you.  Sorry.  As for pain control - yea, that's gotta suck too.  Doctor's probably still aren't listening to patients and the government has probably done away with any form of decent health care by now.  It was well on it's way out 100 years ago.  Anywho, here's what I was up to 100 years ago today even with Crohn's disease...

I'm on vacation!  Our first family vacation since our honeymoon 11 years ago.  The hubs, the kid and I drove for 7 hours today to make our way from Ohio to Hershey, Pennsylvania and I accomplished this feat with only two pitstops and one was just to pee!  Yay ME!!  Of course I did eat several Imodium in fear of having to go.  But, considering I was in the hospital for three days last week for pain, I'd say I did pretty good today!  (More on the hospital stay, what they did and what they found later on)

So that's all for today's post.  I'm going to relax a while before we figure out what to do for dinner and then get some much needed rest for the upcoming week. 

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