Sunday, April 8, 2012

Challenges 7 & 8 Hunger Games and Blogging

I am really out of sorts with this whole blog post a day thing.  I never really liked being told what to write about.  That's part of the reason I enjoy blogging - it's my brain, my ideas.  But regardless of all of that I am also totally into reading the Hunger Games books right now.  I'm over half way done with the last book and cannot stop long enough to even write a decent post.  My daughter and husband read the books last year and when the movie came out we all went.  I loved it so much that I decided to go against my own personal beliefs of 'why read a book when a perfectly good movie is out there' and start reading them myself.  Let me just say one word - gripping.  Maybe by tomorrow I will be done and can assume our regularly scheduled blogging.  Besides, I get to see Dr. GI tomorrow for my plan of non-action.  Stay tuned. 

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