Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Challenges 17 & 18

I took a pass for yesterday's post because it was supposed to be about a lesson we have learned the hard way.  Ha!  Read my entire blog and just pick one.  Today's post is supposed to be taking a random book and opening it to a random page and picking a random sentence and that is where we begin the post.  I can do this, but only in a way.

Instead of a book, I am taking a letter I got from my doctor's office (that my friend sent me "randomly") and focusing on a few "random" sentences I read that describes some "random" results they found during my CT scan when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago that Dr. GI just "randomly" forgot to inform me about!

"...her CT scan, which showed "multiple ventral wall hernias."  REALLY??  REALLY??!!!!!  It also goes on to say "She also had a small, but very tender epigastric hernia just superior to her incision."  And also, "I suspect her symptoms are probably related to fat trapped within this abdominal hernia.  I advised her against surgical correction, but it may become necessary if her pain becomes persistent or unmanageable."  Wow.

So I guess me always having stomach pain and ending up in the hospital due to this pain is not considered "persistent" and is apparently considered "manageable" even though the heavy narcotics in the hospital didn't touch the pain??  And I am being advised against surgery even though he knows I need it??  And all the talk he gives me about bile acid being the problem means what when he suspects it is really all related to this hernia??  I can't - I cannot post about this because I honestly, have no idea what to write - let alone think.  I am just so thankful my friend sent me this report so at least I no know the truth of my condition.

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