Sunday, April 22, 2012

Challenge Day 22 - The Things We Forget

Are you sick of these posts yet?  I kinda am.  But today I am to write about the things we forget.  My daughter forgets to take a shower and flush the toilet. (Genius types - never good with the personal hygiene.  Bigger things on their minds, I suppose.) My husband forgets to pick up his socks and clean the hair out of the sink after he shaves. 

I forget lots of things.  I forget to take care of myself.  I forget to rest.  I forget to eat things that don't upset my intestines and instead I end up eating things I regret.  I forget to take my medication.  I forget how strong I am.  I forget to encourage myself and not tear myself down.  I forget lots of things.  There is actually a post it note on my front door for me to not forget my lunch when I go to work. 

Forgetting is a part of me.  It's something I do all the time. 

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