Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small bowel follow through anyone?

GI-PA was super cool today!  I will be having a small bowel follow through. (nailed that one didn't I?)  I also had some blood drawn and will be doing some stool samples.  My life is never complete until I get to poop in a cup.  More than likely none of the tests will show anything but the main thing is that GI-PA actually listened to me.  She also agreed that it is NOT normal for me to be pooping as much as I do regardless my resection.  I explained to her that I know several people who have had the identical surgery as me and they don't have any problems pooping as much as I do and that it didn't make sense. If we are all missing the same parts then how does it only affect me in such a bad way? She agreed, she actually honestly agreed.  That right there was worth the trip.  I'll post as the results of the tests come in.  I'm scheduled to go over everything with Dr. GI in three weeks but I don't really want to see him.  I feel like he is going to blow me off again - however I know that GI-PA has my back and I can always follow up with her if that happens. 

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