Thursday, March 22, 2012

Really?? Seriously??

GI-PA wanted me to do some stool samples.  No problem, I've done them a million times.  I'm totally not grossed out by poop.  After all, it is pretty much my whole world.  Philosophically speaking I poop, therefore I am.  So after the appointment with her I ventured to the lab where they would take my blood and give me the specimen cups.  The lab tech had the sense of humor of a rock.  I tried making one joke after another and then finally said, "You know, when you have to go through this it helps to have a sense of humor."  She agreed but still never cracked that first smile.  Off day maybe? 

Then she handed me the specimen cups.  "It would help if you could go right into the container."  She said this completely straight faced.

I actually managed to respond without laughing:  "Really?  Yea, I'm sorry, I'm gonna need one of those hat things please."


Sara Ringer said...

Hey Jenni,
It's Sara (I was in the conference call with you last Friday with Wego health). It's so funny that you mentioned this in that call because I have to do stool samples today and the woman I picked up the kit from was the exact opposite. She had such good humor and was friendly and told me to "have fun with my special project". I thought it was awesome! More people need to be like her and not the woman you had to deal with.

Julie said...

I could not do these without those hats! Love those things, they come in handy! How can you be handling poop and specimens all day and not have a sense of humor?? Poop is hysterical!