Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Food = Bad.

I've always been that weird Crohnie who could eat pretty much whatever I wanted when I wasn't having a flare up.  I could go to the movies and eat popcorn - because seriously, why go if you can't eat popcorn?  I could eat ice cream.  I could eat spaghetti and pizza and pretty much whatever fast food I wanted.  I may have pooped a little more afterwards but food never really caused me much trouble with pain or other unpleasantness.  Until now.

I seem to be adding more and more foods onto my Do Not Ever Eat Again list and that has become quite irritating to me.  Popcorn, Pizza, Spaghetti, Ice Cream, Milk, Creamy Sauces (why am I -capitalizing these???) all seem to be topping the list of un-eatable foods.  I've never been a spicy foods type of person but lately I cannot even eat homemade tacos with only using 1/2 the packet of taco seasoning per 1 pound of ground beef.  No matter what old tricks I apply to de-spice my food it just doesn't work anymore.  I just can't seem to eat much of anything without it causing me some kind of issue: pain, bad reflux, cramps and bloating and of course, mass quantities of diarrhea.  It seems like everything repeats on me too.  (That's my fancy way of saying I burp it up all day and all night)

I also seem to be having trouble with my sugar level bottoming out when I'm at work so I am finding that I have to eat while I am there, which only causes me anxiety about having to go to the bathroom while I'm at work.  It's hard to have 63 peoples' medications all divided out on the med cart only to have to stash them all back away so you can lock it all up and run to the bathroom.  It's more than an inconvenience.  And messing up people's medications can cost them their lives so this is a real concern.  I've gotten the help of some really good friends (including Karen Langston - Nutritionist) as to what to eat during the day to help keep my blood sugar at a more desirable level.  Which is good, but it doesn't help the diarrhea problem.  And then we are back to the pain issue. 

When you get down to the food I can eat that doesn't cause any kind of pain or discomfort problems, and the food I should eat to keep my sugar level in check, plus the food that doesn't repeat on me or cause diarrhea, and the food I personally like to eat - I'm not left with many choices. 

This is one of the things about having Crohn's and Crohn's related problems - it's ever changing.  Just when I think I have a handle on my body and what it is doing it freaks out on me and everything changes.  It's just not fair. 

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