Saturday, February 4, 2012

Special Eyes Part 2 and Incredible Things

The cataract surgery is complete.  I still can't see. Well to be fair, I can see way better without glasses or contacts than I ever have in my life.  However it isn't great and I've lost my close up vision totally.  It's all blurry.  But I will be fitted for new contacts/glasses on February 14th.  It just sucks in the meantime.   Everything is so bright and shiny now.  And BRIGHT!  I cannot believe how bright everything is.  I wear my sunglasses inside.  I'm such a freak!

I also managed to score myself some nice Propofol when they did the second eye.  I totally freaked out when they did the first one and the doctor decided it would be best for everyone involved (me, him, the nurses, the receptionist at the check it area, the janitor, etc...) if I was completely out when they did the second eye.  It really did make things easier.  (rubs hands together in quiet reflection of a job well done scoring drugs)  In all fairness I did legitimately freak out.  I was told that during the surgery all you see is a light.  I saw the light.  I was okay.  Then all of a sudden the light went out.  But it wasn't the light that went out technically.  My vision had gone completely black.  I was literally blind for about six hours.  Okay, more like ten seconds, but it felt like forever and I lost my mind.  My biggest fear going into this surgery was that I would lose what little vision I did have.  When that happened - WITH NO WARNING I MIGHT ADD - I didn't know what to do.  So with Propofol on board for the second eye, everyone was much happier. 

The surgery itself went well.  It only took like ten minutes.  And while I was having the right eye done I also apparently won the WEGO Healthcare Activist TMI Award.  I thought I was only in the running for the Hilarious Health Activist Award but my poop is clearly a little too much information for some.  I'm actually still surprised I won and I am super excited about it.  Thank you for all the wonderful nominations!  I'm anxious to see what all this winning will entail.  I'm still having trouble reading all the emails because my vision is still off.  
And to top off the week of incredible things that happened to me in between eye surgeries, dealing with wonky vision, and being a winner in they eyes of WEGO Health, I managed to get a job - as a nurse!  I'm fairly certain I can say it right now ...  I'm AWESOME!

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