Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's hard to say good-bye to my special eyes

Believe it or not I'm a little sad that my new special eyes are working out so well.  I got my new glasses today and they are normal looking.  I only need a very minor correction for my distance and a little bit for my close up so I got a no line bifocal.  My eye doctor informed me that my vision is so good that I could pass my driver's test with no glasses or contacts.  I never thought I would see that day.  Ever.  And I don't have to wear contacts anymore.  Just my normal, regular glasses.  It's weird.  I've worn contacts for the last 26 years of my life. 

So I said I would post it and here it is.  Me in my old glasses that were awful.  You can actually see how they made my eyes tiny and the lines of power used in my prescription.  They have made their way to the city dump now and my contacts (spares included) have made their way to the city sewer system.  I'm sad but happy at the same time.  I'll post a new picture soon of me rocking my new glasses so ya'll can see the difference.  Just don't let me know how hard you are laughing at the ridiculousness of this picture.


Ragamuffin said...

such fantastic news that your new eyes are working so well!!! congratulations :)

Sam Times said...

Well, your memories with your old pair of glasses is irreplaceable. But still, in order to gain something new, you must let go of something, right?