Friday, January 6, 2012

Jenni - 1 Special Eyes - 0

I have done something I never thought I would do.  Something I never dreamed I would have to do.  Something I thought for sure I would do anything possible to avoid doing.  I conquered one of my biggest fears.  I went to a job interview while wearing my glasses! 

I submitted my resume for a position just because.  Unemployment likes it better when you actually try to obtain gainful employment outside of mooching off of the governement, even though the government mooches off us.  I never thought I would get a call within two hours of sending my information let alone be scheduled for an interview the very next day.  Of course I jumped at the chance for the interview because I was really excited.  I didn't even think about my glasses situation until after I hung up.  Then it was a little too late.

I thought maybe I could pull off wearing my contacts to the interview.  I had three different pair laying around doing nothing so I thought maybe one of them would fit for a hour or so.  No dice.  I tried them all on but each one ended up with me looking like George Costanza with grapefruit in his eye.  I would have winked my way through the interview and that just wasn't going to fly.  I had no choice, I had to wear my glasses.  The only plus in this was it eliminated the need for me to wear any eye makeup.  Bonus!

But I was petrified.  After being made fun of like a little handicapped kid by three grown up Barbie doll wannabes previously, I was more than a little nervous about going to a job interview with these crazy glasses on.  I've gone to the store, I've gone to a few restaurants, I even did Christmas with the whole family but no where that I was the real center of attention.  All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a FREAKSHOW!  I thought of canceling the interview. 

NO!  I could do this.  Besides, with some coaching from the hubs and my Mommy I decided if the people at this place weren't going to hire me because I looked like a freak in my glasses then I don't want to work there anyway. 

I went to that interview and no one laughed at me.  Not to my face anyway.  I thought it went really well so we will see.  I just cannot believe that I actually did this.  I'm a freaking ROCKSTAR!! 


Ragamuffin said...

mos def agreed. way to go :)

Belinda said...

Good for you! Nothing like that kind of ego boost!