Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nominations for Hilarious Health Activist Award

I've received some wonderful nominations for WEGO Health's Hilarious Health Activist Award.  And there is still one week left to nominate your favorite Blogger, Tweeter, and/or Facebooker....or ME - no pressure. ;) There are some great categories to chose from.  I'm hoping to see Jason Leitman from Crohn's Disease Support Network receive the award for Best In Show. 

Thank you all so much!  I still can't believe I have reached so many people and made such a positive impact.  This blog has had over 10,000 views and most of them weren't even me!  I am looking forward to providing more information, support, and, of course, humor in 2012.  Thank you for the nominations and for reading Jenni's Guts!

Through all that Jenni has gone through she has managed to find the humor and laughter. She handles the toughest problems with a smile and a laugh. And in my eyes, laughter will always be the best medicine.

Jenni has a great outlook - a wonderful sense of humor in an otherwise overwhelming situation.

She always has an upbeat attitude. She's everybody's cheerleader! She's always there to lend an ear, say a prayer..make you laugh. Go Jenni!

She takes her illness and makes funny jokes about it. She does not let it get her down.She can feel bad and still make jokes of it i have see her really sick and down but she will make some joke about hating her guts.i believe she deserves this award.

Jenni has a truly humorous way to look at all the trials and tribulations of her Crohn's Disease - in her descriptions of testing, treatments, right down to the daily "goings". and don't forget her ERPK - Emergency Road Poop Kit!!! She makes me laugh and makes my problems seem small in comparison.

Jenni has taken her struggle with Crohn's disease and other health issues and conquered them with humor. She has her bad days but she is an amazing writer and helps others with her humor and funny stories. She isn't afraid to say with other people just think.

Jenni puts a funny spin on her adventures with a not so funny disease: Crohn's disease.

You like me, you really like me!

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Jason said...

Jenni thank you so much for the incredibly sweet comments about myself and CDSN! I am truly honored, and humbled you would do such a thing. I am heading right over to WEGO right now to vote for you for Hilarious Health Activist! :) All my best - Jason