Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Nothing much is going on as of late.  I'm feeling my normal fatigue and muscle/bone aches. I'm continuing my friendship with all the bathrooms in the tri-state area like normal.  Feeling pretty blah actually. 

I'm a little concerned about my job.  The ebbs and flows of the staffing business seem to be more ebbs than flows lately and it makes me a little uneasy to be honest.  I'm praying I don't lose my job...again...due to cutbacks.  That would totally suck. 

The only big thing going on is my birthday is this Sunday.  Feel free to send me cash instead of presents this year.  Times are tough.  ;)

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Adrian L said...

Hi. Just stopping by to say hello.

I was blogging and arrived here through someone else's blog.

Thank you for sharing helpful info and hope you keep your job.