Thursday, September 1, 2011


My life has become extremely boring.  I get up, poop, go to work, poop many more times, come home, poop a few times and go to bed.  Occasionally, more often than I would like actually, I am on call which means my phone is attached to me and with me wherever I go.  I have to take calls at all hours of the night which means I basically work 24/7 for a few days straight.  My life has become monotonous.  Not that it was extremely exciting before but I really feel as if I have fallen into a rut.  I feel like I work all the time and do nothing else. 

My job has become my life.  I literally breathe, sleep, and eat my job.  Well, I don't sleep much the nights I am on call but still, you get the point.  It's one thing to take a phone call in the middle of the night but it's a totally different thing to have to sound perky and professional while doing it.  Then to turn around and make calls to people in the middle of the night to get them to go to work is ridiculous.  Seriously.  No one even answers there phone in the middle of the night.  It's frustrating. 

There are so many aspects of my job that I love.  I feel like I am really helping people.  I help companies find workers and workers find work.  I talk.  I listen.  I fit pieces of puzzles together to make the business work.  It's like a huge game of Tetris and when all the pieces fit, life is good.  People are happy.  My boss is happy.  And I am compensated monetarily and emotionally.  But then there are the days when nothing fits and all my pieces seem like they go to a game of Pac-Man instead of Tetris and everything turns to crap.  It's the ebbs and flows of staffing.  Plus, I get to stab people with needles because I do TB test and give flu shots.  Bonus!

But besides all of that greatness I still feel kind of stuck.  Not sure how to change things either.

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