Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Kid

My kid is extremely intelligent.  Like genius level intelligent.  Like the intelligent level that causes her to have very little common sense.  I can say this and know that I am not being biased, like most parents, because she is not my biological child.  She is adopted.  Every good thing about her did not come from me or have anything to do with me.  I actually take pride in this fact.  Seriously.  I know my own kid would have been a complete and total train wreck!

We didn't become her parents until she was six years old so we missed out on pretty much every bit of rearing that shaped who she is.  I therefore, can safely and proudly boast that the kid is a genius.  She has maxed out all of the curriculum that her previous school had to offer even though she only went through sixth grade and the school goes through eighth grade.  So she is going to a new school this year and will continue to go there through graduation...hopefully.  Unless she maxes out their offered curriculum also and heads to college by age 14.  Her new school is based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - all things she loves.  All things I hate. 

She came home today from her new school orientation with a really cool shirt.  I just had to post a picture of this!  It is so clever and clearly shows how nerdy my kid (and the school she will be going to) is.  I'm kinda proud of that.

And yes, I did use the calculator to figure it out and the kid rolled her eyes when I said it was 44.91 times 2 and not itself.  I told you, I hate math!

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K said...

She sounds amazing!!! And, hey, you and your husband support and encourage, so that's so much! I, unfortunately, will not pass any affinity for math/sci onto my child, so hopefully my genes won't bring him/her "down" too much!! ;-)