Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Grosser Than Gross?

Remember that game when you were a little kid where you would try to gross out your friends by asking "you know what's gross?" And then they would try to gross you out even more by prefacing their gross statement with "you know what's grosser than gross?"  Well, today I realized what is truly grosser than gross for me. 

I can deal with a lot of gross and disgusting things in a bathroom.  I mean, Lord knows, I have used thousands of public restrooms by this point in my life.  I can wipe the pee from the seat, I can flush an unflushed toilet before I use it and I will be the one to go into the bathrooms that no one else would ever dare enter because I really just don't have a choice.  And I also, though I shudder just just saying this, can even forgive those who put the toilet paper under and not over.  Even though OVER is the only way TP should EVER go!

But for some reason I cannot get past one single, solitary thing.  It grosses me out to no end.  No matter how clean the bathroom, the stall, or the toilet itself, if I see a pubic hair on the seat I will literally have to choke back vomit.  For some reason - even if I know who it came from - cannot handle this.  It is totally unacceptable. It is grosser than gross!


johnbradley said...

In the Men's stalls, you can just about convince yourself that it's a chest hair - not an option for you ladies unfortunately!

K said...

One word: agreed!