Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Vampire Sucked Me DRY!

I had my follow up appointment with the Nurse Practitioner today regarding my edema and the diuretic she put me on.  I had lost a bunch of fluid for the first few days but it has slowly been coming back and though I am peeing like crazy for the first few hours after I take the diuretic, I am re-swollen by about 4pm.  NP decided I better have some lab work done so they drew some blood.  And some more blood. And they kept drawing blood. And I actually heard air go into the one vial because I about ran out of blood to give.  And then the room started spinning a little and I got a kinda light headed.  I can honestly say this has never happened to me before when I have had blood drawn.  They drew about six or seven vials. 

I do not, by any means, have a weak constitution when it comes to needles or blood.  They don't bother me one bit so it wasn't that.  I wasn't like the 350lb man who about dropped when he saw the little tiny needle I use for TB tests the other day at work.  (He was okay after I gave him some Jolly Ranchers.)  HE had a weak constitution!  I think it was partly because I hadn't had anything to eat for a while.  Maybe.

But regardless of all that, NP will be calling me soon with the results.  She is checking all my electrolyte levels and my B12 and Vitamin D levels.  She said it will hopefully enlighten her as to why I am swelling so badly.  In the meantime she said I need to increase my fluid (water) in take and double my dose of the diuretic.  She said I would pee more often than I am just more at a time.  She said that sometimes when you are really dehydrated your body will hold on to fluid and cause edema.  Okay, whatever.  Now it is more of the 'wait for results game'.  I hate that game.

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Ragamuffin said...

as if you needed to be spending even more time in the bathroom... goodness gracious.