Saturday, July 2, 2011

So what's the bathroom situation?

After many years of dealing with Crohn's disease and the symptoms that go along with it, I still always ask the same questions when it's time to consider making plans - What's the bathroom situation?  Do we have actual restrooms, porta crappers, how far away are they, will there be lines, how hot will it be, is it going to be dark?  What's the situation??

Holidays such as 4th of July are times where my family likes to go out, get some fishing in, hang out, relax, barbecue and just chill for a while.  Great!  But when a group of the extended family invited us to go up to their camp site by the lake and go out on their boat fishing it made me a little uneasy.  What happens if we are on the boat and I have to go to the bathroom?  Of course, my question was met with sarcasm such as "Hang it over the edge and go..." but that is not really an answer.  Not in reality.  And so yet again, we are left not doing some things I would really like to.  It stills bums me out a bit.

The biggest problem is though I am not currently having a true Crohn's flare up right now, I am still very much suffering from unpredictable bowel habits. I could have a day where I only go a few times or I could have a day where it's every half hour.  It totally depends on the randomness of the day.  That's the part that makes planning for such adventures difficult.

So we decided not to go to the lake and stay a little more local.  ERPKs only work when you have some form of privacy and not really something that can be used on a boat full of semi family / semi strangers! 

Crohn's symptoms may have won this battle but they have definitely not won the war!


Rae said...

When I know access to a bathroom may not be a possibility, I always take some Imodium just to be on the safe side, particularly if my gut is twitchy. It's staple in my purse just like lipstick is in someone else's, lol.

johnbradley said...

I agree Jenni, we can't win them all. Being caught short on a boat and making it difficult for everyone isn't winning anyway.

Jenni said...

I have Imodium and Lomotil however sometimes when I take them (not together of course) I get terrible cramps from being too bound up. That is sometimes worse than having mass quantities of diarrhea. So it's a lose lose. Oh well, I had a great weekend anyway!

Tim said...

Jenni, I can TOTALLY relate! My girlfriend's family thinks I totally suck because I never want to go to their family events. They think it's because I don't like them, but its really just because I'm afraid to have something embarrassing happen.

William Malmborg said...

Great topic. It is a question I ask all the time too. I even was a little cautious about going to a 4th of July party the other day because there was only going to be one bathroom in the house, and dozens upon dozens of people. Like you I also can't take anti-diarrhea medications. It makes me feel like I have a blockage and I will be in pain for hours as it slowly pushes free.