Friday, June 10, 2011

What I've learned

May became June so quickly I almost forgot a very important anniversary in my life.  The anniversary of my diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.  I did the math (I used a calculator and everything!) and realized it's been 16 years since my actual diagnosis.  15 years since my resection.  Wow! Just wow. 

Here's a few things I have learned over the years: 

1.  It doesn't get any easier the longer you have a chronic illness.
2.  You have to laugh at yourself.
3.  You have to listen to your body and do what's right for it (I still struggle with this one!)
4.  You need a good support system.  Without it you will not survive.
5.  You are many other things...not just someone with a disease.
6.  Rest when you need to.  Rest when you think you don't need to.
7.  Express your frustration, your fears, your saddness in creative a blog!
8.  Make friends with others who share the disease.  It helps to know you aren't alone.
9.  Always bring extra underware.
10.  Things can and will change along the way.  Don't be shocked by this. 
11.  If you aren't getting the treatment and care you think you deserve, change doctors.
12.  Liquid diets will forever suck!
13.  NEVER be ashamed about having this illness even though the world wants you to be.
14.  Prednisone will forever be evil.
15.  It isn't fair that you have this disease.  It never will be, and it's okay to feel this way.


johnbradley said...

Happy Anniversary - I'm just coming up to my 28th!

I would add 16) A positive attiitude is the best medicine

Ragamuffin said...

nice list! every point rings true. happy anniversary! :)

Tim said...

I agree with all except number 1. I think the older you get and the longer you have the disease, the better you learn to cope with it. It gets easier to live because you have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn't. However, Excellent Post!

Jenni said...

Good point Tim. It does get easier in the sense that you get used to dealing with it. But it's still mighty annoying! :)

Frank said...

I was wondering when you get some time if you could explain what type of management pathology these researchers would be hoping to construct based on their findings from this study.

I understand the role of the inflammatory mediators but I think the angle they are getting at escapes me.
My aunt just reached her 20 year milestone. Hope your having a minimal potty visit day!

Jenni said...

Beats me Frank. It's too "above" my education level. Sorry.