Saturday, June 4, 2011

Survey says...nah.

I've been at my new job for all of 7 weeks and needed to take off to go to the doctor already.  The pain I had last weekend scared me enough that I scheduled an emergency visit with Dr. GI last Thursday.  The major pain had mostly subsided by then, but my belly was still pretty tender.  Since I recently (Like 2 months ago recently) had a colonoscopy and bloodwork done and everything checked out okay, Dr. GI wasn't convinced a true Crohn's flare up could be happening so soon when there was no indication on the tests.  He did think the pain could be caused by a possible stricture in the small bowel.  He wanted me to have a small bowel follow through - my FAVORITE test!  I love this test for a few reasons. 1. It's simple, non invasive and I don't need any kind of prep for it.  2.  I actually don't mind the taste of barium.  Weird, I know.  3. I am able to do this test in 15 minutes flat!  Usually it takes anywhere from 2-4 hours because normally a person's intestinal tract take that long to allow the barium to travel all the way to the rectum.  Since I have had a lot of my intestines removed, I get the job done much quicker.  It amazes even the most seasoned Xray tech! 

As I sat with the scheduling lady trying to figure out if I could have the test done late in the evening or early on a Saturday I realized that the test would probably not show a single thing. I realized they couldn't schedule the test when it was convenient for me because they think it will take 2-4 hours.  I also realized that after the test Dr. GI wanted to see me in the office again to go over the results.  I then remembered I had an appointment with Dr. Bones (the rheumatologist) later this month.  The current day, the test, the follow up and the other appointment with Dr. Bones meant 4 days of work that I would have to miss at least half a day of in the month of June alone.  I decided against the test.

I have been relatively okay with minimal pain since the major episode last weekend.  I am hoping it was just a freak occurrence.  I really cannot risk losing my job over something that might not even been a thing.  No one at my office knows of my condition(s) and I would like to keep it that way.  I work with very catty women.  The last thing they need is more ammunition for the "new girl" animosity they are already showing.  Besides, I'm a nurse, I can make this call with a general knowledge of what would be the best thing to do right now.  Right? Sure.


K said...

That's awful that taking some nominal time off might jeopardize your job - I hope it's already passed!!! (the pain that is!)

Ragamuffin said...

i think that your SBFT superpower is awesome.

it stinks though that you don't have a supportive work environment (yet?). i've been very lucky in that my boss understands my situation, and that my schedule is somewhat flexible. i can work overtime whenever i want and take time off *almost* whenever. school will see an end to that routine, i'm sure... :)

Jenni said...

It's not so much that I don't have a supportive work environment, it's just that I don't want any one to know quite yet that I have a lot going on medically. I need to prove myself as a valuable asset to the company first. And thankfully, the pain has passed and I have been feeling back to normal...well, my normal. :) Also working with women tends to invalidate the ways we women can scare men by complaining about strange gynecological disturbances and such.

johnbradley said...

I agree Jenni that the priority is to prove yourself a valued employee before letting on about the illness. I was employed 24 years before goign self employed / early retired and my goal always was to not let my illness become my employers problem. Hard to do at times but better than the risk of being canned because of it.

PS I too am a 15 minute barium person! They never believe me when I tell them then half the time it's all gone through before they've taken the first pics!