Monday, June 27, 2011

Bathroom etiquette FAIL!

Not only did the stupid lady in the restroom commit a public restroom foul today by standing in there doing her make up while I was dropping the funk, but she went above and beyond and committed one of the worse bathroom etiquette fails I have ever come across.  Apparently my poop odor did not please her.  I mean, come on lady, it's a bathroom, it's poop - it isn't going to smell good!  But upon her exiting the restroom - after standing there for ten minutes doing her make up!! - she sprayed her nasty perfume over top of my stall and walked out.  Really?  I mean, really??  Who does this?? And why would you even do it if you are LEAVING the bathroom.  I don't care if my poop smells.  It isn't like I am sitting there wishing someone would throw me a Glade plug in or something.  Come on!  Bathroom etiquette fail, lady!  Epic FAIL!

( I did however, fail myself when I tweeted this.  I spelled perfume incorrectly. But it's my blog and I'll fail if I want to! )


Ragamuffin said...

oh jeez... i am ever mortified of this happening to me at work, but i've been lucky that it hasn't yet. people who are pretentious about restroom smells are very irritating.

Jenni said...

I know! I mean who thinks a public bathroom is going to smell good? And if you don't like it then don't go in them!