Friday, May 20, 2011

Stuff and Things

Just a few thoughts I thought I would ramble off tonight.

My niece is getting married tomorrow.  This has me happy yet sad.  It's actually my husband's niece if you want to be all technical.  I remember when I came along in his life he was basically the only father figure for little Megan.  She was 10 years old.  She was such a brat and really hated me for taking her Uncle Jay's time and attention away from her.  Her little brother was only five and he will now be a groomsman in her wedding. All grown up and handsome in a tux!  My own daughter will be her flower girl.  It's amazing how time goes by and people grow and change.  It's also amazing how weddings - beautiful occasions about love, trust, commitment and faith bring about the worst in people.  Enough said.

My job is going well.  I am definitely busy.  I'm still not quite sure how the job was originally designed to be a part time position only three days a week.  I was about ready to hire an intern on Thursday due to the enormous amount of paperwork I had to accomplish.  I have never really excelled at time management - though it may say the opposite on my resume.  I like my job.  My office is nice.  I also enjoy receiving wages every Friday way better than I enjoyed my sad unemployment checks.  Working has restored a little self confidence in me also.  My boss has complimented me and my work using terms like "bright", "hard working", "awesome" and " well educated".   I have to admit it kinda makes me feel like a rock star to know someone thinks these things of me...and says them! Must be my tiger blood and Adonis DNA!  Epic!

My intestines are definitely back to normal.  The bathroom has seen me more often than not lately and I am more than a tad sore and achy in the belly this evening.  I have lagged off in my relationship with the treadmill so I think it's time to get reacquainted. 

I am extremely pleased to announce that one of my friends from the Crohn's blogosphere is pregnant!! After many months of trying The Gutsy Girl and husband are expecting!! Visit her blog and read how she describes such wonderful news. I couldn't be happier!! (I'm secretly hoping for a girl for them since Mr. Gutsy doesn't know what to do with girls!! Tee Hee!)

I would like to ask for prayer for another one of my Crohn's friends.  She recently found out that on top of her issues with Crohn's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and MRSA she has begun a battle with Ovarian Cancer.  I cannot tell you how much this hurts my heart.  When she called to tell me (which I am grateful for so I didn't have to read it on Facebook!) she said something that still amazes me.  She said, "Don't you worry about me.  God will take care of me. Just pray for my kids."  What strength. What courage.  What faith!

On a lighter note, tomorrow, shortly after the wedding, I will be heading out to Waco to take cover in my newly prepared bunker which is stocked full of devil's food cake cookies and other non perishable items.  I, of course, am doing this because of the upcoming end of the world and all.  I'm going to have a little trouble repopulating the human race due to lacking a uterus, but sometimes alone is better.  I am a little concerned over the time frame this will all take place however.  I hear it's supposed to be at 6pm.  But I really have no idea if that is Eastern Standard Time, Pacific Time or what.  Also, I am worried that Daylight Savings Time may play a role but I'm just not sure if I should be prepared an hour early or late.  I need to get all the sinning in that I can before it's time to go.  Or be got.  Or whatever.  Now, if you believe that, I have a bridge.... Happy Apocalypse all!


Zara said...

I came across your blog & must say it is an encouragement to see there are other Crohn's friends blogging & sharing thier journeys. Thanks for the encouragement!

K said...

Awww, thanks for the shout-out Jenni! So glad I was able to confide you during the really early days! Also happy the job is going well and it seems you're really owning it and kicking butt - congrats!