Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15th - not just for taxes anymore

Today is tax day.  Today is also the day I do my B12 shot.  Every month on the 15th I inject myself with 1ml of Vitamin B12.  Most of the time it doesn't really hurt and I rarely bleed from the shot.  It helps me hone my injection skills too, however I can't exactly put it on my resume. I took pictures today just for fun.

The vial of B12, alcohol pads and the needle
Drawing up the B12
It's hard to take a picture and do this at the same time.
I decided not to film the actual shot.  Maybe next month I will.  The funny thing is, after I shot this in my leg I began to bleed.  A lot.  I didn't have a band aid ready so I had to scamper to the bathroom to find a band aid with my pants half way off my body trying to hold the alcohol pad on the bleeder.  The whole time I was wondering how much of the vitamin I just lost with all the blood. Today is just not my day!

Check out the massive bruise that the B12 shot left this month. 

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