Thursday, January 6, 2011

Word O' the Year

I recently heard on the radio that we shouldn't have "resolutions" for New Year's but rather come up with a word that you can incorporate throughout the year into your daily life that will help you to stay focused and achieve all the goals you want to achieve.  I liked this idea so I thought about it for a while and I have come up with my Word O' the Year.  It's "Choices". 

The choices I make will determine how my year progresses, right?  If I strive to make all the best possible choices then that will help me remain in a positive mindset - hopefully. That's the plan anyway.  If you know anything about me you know I pretty much cannot stand anything healthy.  Healthy food, being healthy, the "E" word...exercise.  I shudder just typing it!  I have about zero motivation for any of that and even less energy.  But, I decided to incorporate my word when looking at the whole "healthy" thing for the new year.  If I make the choice to not do anything healthy for my body the maybe, just maybe, it will continue kicking my butt this year too.  But if I make different choices, better choices, then maybe I will feel a little better more often than not.  So I am making the choice to walk on the treadmill that has been doing nothing but collecting dust. And I am not calling it the "E" word either!  I am starting really slow.  Walking one mile each day.  It takes me about 20-25 minutes depending on how my knee and hips are holding up.  I'm not really feeling better yet but I can say that I am happy I am making the choice to do something different that I usually did in the past - which was nothing.  And that's just one choice I am making.  What choices are you making?  What's your Word O' the Year?

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