Thursday, January 20, 2011

The dog - Part 1

About six days ago I got a phone call from my husband.  He was at work and said that a dog had made it's way into the shop.  He wanted me to come and get the poor thing because they couldn't let it run around the shop, it was really cold out and it was obviously lost.  Reluctantly I drove over to get the dog.  Much to my surprise the little pup was a beautiful white and black husky mix with the most amazing light tan eyes and white eyelashes.  She was clean and appeared to be well fed and taken care of.  Someone was obviously missing this dog. 

My plan was to take her to the shelter and let them deal with it.  I already have four dogs at home, one of which is almost 16 and in poor health.  But when I mentioned my plan to Jay he said that since she had no tags or collar they would only hold her for three days and then...dispose of her.  I couldn't have this on my conscience so I took the dog home.  Then the hunt for the owner started.  I checked all the papers for lost dogs, I called the shelter to report that we had found the dog and if anyone came looking we had her.  Jay contacted two police departments to make the same report and then walked for 45 minutes from house to house looking for the owners.  We also took her to a vet to have them scan her for a chip to identify her.  All to no avail.  No chip, no owners, no ads, nothing.  I even posted an ad on Craig's List for this dog and though I have gotten some interesting (and creepy) offers and responses, none have been about the dog we found.

Now, I am sitting here with two dogs sleeping on the couch, two sleeping on the floor and one in the bedroom.  I'm not even sure what has happened to our cat.  She is around here somewhere I supposed.  Sometimes it's hard having such a heart for animals.  Maybe I should scratch being a nurse and start a shelter of my own! 

We are still holding out hope, scratch that, Jay and I are still holding out hope, that the dog's owners will turn up.  The kid is in love with the dog and told us we must name her because "we just can't keep calling her puppy and hey you!"  We decided on Ellie.  I have a feeling she is ours forever.  Too bad I don't live on a farm with lots of land...

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Amanda said...

My goodness, she's such a beautiful dog! Isn't it sad that people will buy an animal like that and not love it enough to get it chipped or have some form of identification?

I hope you have some luck finding the owners, though if you do end up keeping her I hope she is well behaved and fits in well.