Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The best of intentions

I have been wanting to write a blog post for quite some time.  I kept putting it off until ....  until I took my state boards, until I found out I passed my boards, until I was alone for a while, until after one more doctor appointment, until I had something to say.  The thing is, I have so much to say and can't find any words.  Me-wordless.  It's irony at its best.

I did take my state boards and I did pass the test even though it was brutal.  I am officially and legally an LPN. I have had several doctor visits and still find myself in pain daily.  I'm getting regular massages for the Fibromyalgia as well as taking medication but nothing seems to help for more than a few hours.  And I can't seem to find employment because I don't have experience in the medical field...haha!  If they only knew just how much experience I have in the medical field I would be the next great GI and not and LPN.

The holiday season is upon us and I am constantly reminded of this every morning when I take the kid to school and the Christmas music is the only thing on the radio.  I was recently reminded it is illegal to drive with my MP3 headphones on...oh well.  I still haven't put up that first decoration and I wonder how long I can wait before the kids demands I get out the tree.  I think every year I go on and on about how I loath the holidays.  I'll spare you the rambling this year.  I'm sure I have made the point clear by now.

Chances are the majority of my readers aren't getting this post anyway due to my locking down the blog because of my job search.  I don't want any potential employers to know what they are dealing with until it's too late.  Is that entrapment?

So that's basically it.  Nothing new.

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