Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More of the story

If you follow JennisGuts on Twitter you will know something wasn't right last week.  Here's the condensed version of the story:

Last Wednesday night I ended up in the ER with severe stomach pain.  I could barely move.  The pain was so intense that I was having trouble breathing.  It started in my stomach and wrapped around my entire ribcage and cut through to my back.  I was immediately taken into a room and as soon as I saw the doctor they started pumping me full of morphine.  It barely touched the pain at first, but the more and more I received the more it helped.  My mom was there with me and kept talking to me and telling me to focus on her.  I did and that helped and I am so thankful that she was there.  Even still, I thought for sure I was going to die.  I really thought I was on death's door and I didn't know why.  It wasn't Crohn's pain.  It wasn't a pain like I have ever experienced.  It just hurt so bad and I thought I would just pass away right there on the ER bed.

The doctor came back in and told me that they were going to admit me.  My lipase level (pancreatic enzyme) was up over 53,000.  Normal is well under 100.  I was having a severe pancreatitis attack.  Way worse than what had happened when I went to Indiana University.  I was in the hospital for 5 days and each day my lipase went down.  Well, until the 4th and 5th days.  It went down and once it go into the 300's it started to go back up.  When I went home it was in the 500s but I was tolerating food and not in as much pain so they didn't seem too concerned about the number and more concerned about how I felt.

Most of the time I spent in the hospital I was doped on morphine and fentanyl and was only allowed to have clear liquids to eat.  They "assorted gelatin dessert" was not all that great!  I hate liquid diets.  But I honestly felt better on it than I did once I started eating. 

Now I am home and eating basically normally I am still feeling bad.  I think food is my enemy.  I am not in nearly as much pain as I was when I went to the hospital but my stomach always feels full and bloated.  It's rumbly and loud.  I am really scared that I may have to go back to the hospital.  In all of my surgeries, Crohn's flare ups and everything I have never been in the hospital as long as I was with this.  Knowing they kept me there that long and knowing that you never get put in the hospital for anything any more it really makes me wonder just how sick I am. 

I've only been home for two days but I am still not back to my normal.  I am really having a hard time dealing with all of this.  None of my doctors (and I saw a ton including my own GI) could tell me why I was having such a bout of pancreatitis nor could they predict if and when it will happen again.  It's not the feel good moment of the year.


Amanda said...

You poor thing! I know when I was hit with pancreatitis my levels were only hovering around the 150/200 mark and I was in complete agony! Sending many not-too-squeezy hugs in your direction. Feel better soon!

Amanda said...

Also, rather belated I realise, congrats on graduating!

Kathryn said...

Hang in there! You're so strong - and this isn't fair - but you will get through it. Hugs!