Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indiana University

The day is quickly approaching when I take off for Indiana University.  I meet with the GI there this Thursday and then have the ERCP procedure done on Friday.  I have a ton of questions that I really need to start writing down so I don't forget them.  I am really freaked out.  I know a lady who recently went there for the same procedure, same doctor, same 'general' problem and had a very bad outcome.  I keep trying to focus on the drugs I will get to knock me out to keep me positive.  :)  Come on, you know you are jealous!!

I have wrapped up my first half of the last quarter of school.  I passed all my midterms with Bs - amazingly enough, and This week should be a light week at school.  Hopefully.

I am hoping to Twitter or update the blog during the trip to IU to keep everyone posted on what is going on.  Stay tuned.  Be well. 

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