Thursday, June 24, 2010

The TEKI Bus!

Certain things I do not do.  Not because I don't WANT to do them but because I DON'T do them.  Mostly because of the anxiety they cause me because of my unpredictable bowels. Example: it puts me into a frenzy just thinking about taking a long car trip.  Long meaning anything longer than the 9 minutes it takes me to drive to Wal-Mart.  I did develop the ERPK (Emergency Roadside Potty Kit) and it has come in handy a time or two.  But even with that peace of mind I still freak.  Especially if I am with people other than my family.  Embarrassment is still a big issue for me. But I have really tried to find a way around the potential 4th degree anxiety attacks for the things I really like to do.

There are lots of things that have had to find ways around.  Fishing is one...and yes, I bait my own hook.  Except with leeches because that's just gross!!  There is a local pond/lake within a two minute walk to my in-law's that is mighty convenient to fish at.  I don't mind getting dirty.  I actually caught a snapping turtle the other night...but that's a story for another post.  :)  Camping is another one.  I do not in any way get into the "digging a hole" to use the bathroom.  Seriously, with as much as I go I would put a groundhog to shame with as many holes as I would need to dig.  I would also have thighs that Suzanne Somers would be proud of with all the squatting.  But I digress.  That's really the only thing that made me shy away from camping.  Sure the ground may be hard and you might have to fight off bears but hey, I'm a fighter!  And honestly, I love a campfire.  The smokey smell in your hair the next day, roasting marshmallows, and any excuse I can use to each chocolate.  "Yes we do need 12 packs of Hershey bars.  We will make S'mores!"  Bwahahaa!!  But I hadn't quite figured out how to get around the bathroom issue.  Enter my amazing parents.....

It's true, my parents are officially old.  My mom is just weeks away from retirement and they have joined the RV scene. The purchase of the RV was not for me to be able to actually go camping though, it was strictly for them to enjoy retirement.  However, I somehow managed to get an invitation to join them.  Normally, this would probably shame me into hiding.  But, I have decided to look at my parent's "TEKI bus" (The Entire Kid's Inheritance) as an opportunity to GO CAMPING!!!  The kid and I will be joining my parents on 4th of July weekend in Indiana.  Pictures to follow!!  I can't wait to be going 65 mph down the highway sitting in the bathroom doin' my bid'ness!  You know you are jealous!!

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