Friday, June 11, 2010

I just can't stay away!!

It's me again!  Okay, I have gotten a few comments and e mails from people who want me to stay so I will stay.  If I can help brightened at least one person's day, it's worth it to me.  I have adjusted my comment page though so if you want to leave a comment you have to become a member of this blog.  We will see how that works out.  Besides, I didn't really want to stop blogging, I just really hate the idea of someone using this blog to send out nasty spam links.  I mean honestly!  And, I was also feeling a little guilty for not posting as often as I used to since I am so busy with school.  But, we will see how this goes.  Besides, if you really like reading this crazy blog, I'm happy to oblige!

I have finals next week.  I am hoping and praying to pass everything so I can move on to my last term in school.  I am looking to finish up with my State Boards and possibly get an actual real job.  In order to do what I thought I wanted to do in the nursing field (work in the GI endoscopy area) I need to get my RN.  I may do that.  But I don't know that I can physically, monetarily, or mentally do that right now.  I am really struggling in all areas and the more I learn in school the more I am feeling pulled in a little bit of a different direction.  I am seriously considering Hospice Nursing.  There is something about being able to help someone in their last months of life that appeals to me.  But you never know, I might do it once and freak out and never want to do it again.  So that is the scoop on school.  Finals next week means studying all weekend.  I guess it's back to the Batcave for me.  ;)

My body seems to be holding steady for the moment.  I really have been experiencing some pretty significant stomach pain off and on and the diarrhea has increased a little.  Again, I am hoping it is just stress and nerves from school.  Like I said, I really think I need to take a break for a while before I attempt my RN.  (I hope that doesn't make anyone think I am less of a nurse)  I am on again off again with the Robinul Forte because some days I can deal with the cotton mouth and other days not so much.  I am getting over a lingering sinus infection and taking the probiotics along with the antibiotics really seems to be helping the discomfort the antibiotics usually give me.  Maybe Dr. GI was on to something with that advice.  Who knew??  I go back to see him in a couple weeks I think, so I am going to see if he will do some blood work to check my B12 level and see if the shots helped.  I have been so worn out and tired lately I am wondering if they are helping at all. 

I am not getting nearly enough rest and I know I need a lot more so that is the plan for my two weeks off school after finals.  Probably won't happen but that is the plan.  I will probably get a little more rest though since the kid broke her wrist today.  She took a little topple over a scooter and landed on her hand.  Kids.  What can you do?  She's a trooper though.  She didn't cry once and she is actually digging her bright green cast!  She didn't even want any pain medicine....that's where her and I differ.  I would have request a morphine drip.  Heck, I almost asked for one just watching her get the cast put on!!!  So, she will have that for four weeks or so.  Joy.

That's all for now.  I need to get this tired body into bed.  Lots of studying to do this weekend.  Night all!

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