Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A cause for concern??

I'm not a newspaper reading, politic following, local news watching person.  Not at all.  I actually try to avoid most news the best I can.  What little news I do hear about comes from my Yahoo homepage or someone calling me saying, "Did you hear about..."  That's not to say I don't really care what is going on in the world around me, but, well, let's face it, I really don't.  It only brings me down.  I don't need anything else to bring me down.  But I did go see Dr. GI today and he enlightened me to some interesting news.  Read It Here

You see, I am having some pretty significant pain and other minor issues but combined together the minor issues are really taking a toll on my daily living.  I'm just not feeling good all the way around.  Dr. GI needs to take a look to see what's going on.  Usually, he said, he would just send me for a CT scan to check it out.  Well, according to this article he isn't going to be sending anyone to CT scan all willy nilly anymore.  He literally pulled up this link and shared the article with me during my appointment.  I'm glad he did.  I told him I was a little more than concerned because I have had so many CT scans of my abdominopelvic area which, in turn, has exposed me to more radiation that I ever realized.  He said he knew that and that's part of the reason he didn't want to expose me to any more.  I also asked him that if this is causing cancer how will they diagnose cancer from now on.  He said, "Good question." 

Had any other person shared this information with me I would have totally blown them off and "poo-pooed" if you will, all of this. But when your doctor won't schedule you for a test because they are now finding it causes cancer - it's a little frightening.  My feeling is he is privy to a little more information than just what this particular article says.  Dr. GI told me he didn't tell me to scare me but he wanted to make sure I was aware why he wouldn't be scheduling me for a CT scan unless he suspected something majorly wrong.  Good to know he doesn't want to add to my problems.  I gotta say that's a first for the medical world lately.

The appointment did result, however, in my getting a ton of blood work ordered and scheduled for an EGD first thing in the morning.  Since the CT scan is out I get the more invasive treatment.  But I think there will be knock out drugs involved.  Yay me!  Or not.  Stay tuned for the results. 


BrightSide said...

Oh my god. I've had a few of these while in hospital. Now I'm a bit worried. I think I'll talk to my doctor about this.

William Malmborg said...

This is scary and something I thought about quite a bit back in 2005 / 2006 when I was getting so many catscans. I even asked the doctor if there was a risk from doing so many and he laughed and said that I would get more damage done sitting on a beach for two hours than all the catscans and small bowel series I had combined.

Now I wonder if he was being truthful. Maybe he thought he was but this study will make them realize they were wrong. It is scary.