Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I made it through midterms.....barely.  This term is BRUTAL!  I only have about three seconds to breathe before I have to hit the books again.  Here's the scoop....

My stomach itself hasn't been painful but I have been having an excess of diarrhea lately.  I also have been having some tremendous esophageal pain - and not just burning acid reflux pain either.  I am talking PAIN pain!  And to top that off I am having a very difficult time swallowing my food too.  It seems to get stuck in my throat and it just won't go down.  And that is frightening because it isn't in my mouth and it isn't in my esophagus and it just doesn't go anywhere.  Plus, there is the acid reflux burning in my throat that isn't helping anything at all.  The Protonix just isn't cutting it anymore.  So, I have all that going on.  I see Dr. GI on Friday next week.  I'm thinking B12 again??  I never did feel very energized from the last shot. 

Hope all is well with everyone.  Will update when I can. 

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