Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's official

Saw Dr. GI yesterday.  It's official now...I have chronic pancreatitis.  They had tossed that possiblity around for a while but I got the definitive diagnosis yesterday.  I also was told that the pain in my chest/esophagus and the burning in my throat is not acid reflux (GERD) like I thought.  It is BILE acid reflux.  Totally different.  Not much they can do for that either.  Not much they can do for my pancreatitis either since I am unable to tolerate the pancreatic enzymes which are the usual treatment.  I guess since I am fighting through it all and somehow managing to have a little bit of a life I just keep doing what I am doing.  And this bile acid reflux goes along with the bile acid diarrhea that I have so I guess I just have an overabundance of bile.  Yea me!  :(

So that is what's new and exciting. Oh, and I got another B12 shot.  This one didn't hurt at all.

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