Monday, April 19, 2010

I got shot...with B12

I saw Dr. GI for a check up the other day.  He had previously checked my B12 level and apparently it was low.  He said I needed a shot.  I was excited for a couple reasons.  One being I was really hoping the B12 would perk me up a little bit.  I'm so draggy lately.  And two because I now know how to give shots now and I was dying to see if the nurse would do it correctly.  She did.  One perfect IM (intramuscluar) shot in the deltoid muscle complete with aspiration. I was impressed.  Though it hurt like heck and hasn't perked me up at all yet.  I am thinking I may need more than just the one.

Other than that I am doing well pretty much.  Not going potty a tremendous amount and I've been able to eat more vegetables and fiberous type foods lately.  I have also found a new favorite food...Korean food.  Imagine that.  Of course I don't get it spicy but it is still amazing. 

School is going okay this term.  I really need to study for two test that I have this week. Psychosocial nursing and IV Therapy.  I'm just having a little ADD lately.  Hey look...a chicken!

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Kathryn said...

I was just at my GI and she mentioned the B12 shots hurting since they go into the muscle, but I swear, I don't feel them at all...not even a bit. She freaked out, thinking I wasn't administered them correctly, so I had blood work done and my B12 is fine. So now I think my arm fat is helping or something. Or I'm just that hardcore. ;-)