Friday, March 5, 2010

Only my life ...

We had a nursing test today over the GI system and all the disorders that it entails - including Crohn's and colitis.  Apparently during the test when some of my fellow classmates reached the questions about Crohn's that asked what are the common bowel habits of someone with this disease (answer: diarrhea) they wanted to yell to me "Hey Jen, what's your poop like again??"  No one did, of course, but wouldn't that have been SWEET?? 

So I was going to the bathroom at school the other morning and I was alone in the bathroom (which contains 4 stalls altogether) and I really must say I tore it up.  I was pretty proud of myself.  And as I was washing my hands someone comes in and goes into the SAME stall I just came out of.  What are the odds - seriously - there are 4 other stalls here people!!!  So she walks into the stall and turns around and walk out and goes into another one!  HA!!  I chuckled to myself and resisted the urge to pat myself on the back.

Forgot I drank a whole can of Hawaiian Punch the other day until I went to the bathroom and thought I was bleeding to death.  I hate that....NOW I remember why I never drink that. 

Okay, how am I really doing?  I'm OK.  Feeling good for the most part.  I am not taking the Welchol except for every now and then.  It really stops things up pretty well but sometimes I feel bloated and kinda icky if I don't go to the potty every twenty minutes.  I'm so weird.  I am finally taking the Robinul Forte and I must say this stuff make my belly feel amazing!!  No bloating.  No rumbles.  No gassy pains.  It's awesome.  The downside (and you know there has to be one) is that it makes my mouth so incredibly dry I can't hardly stand it.  It's like cottonmouth times 1000!  But I am drinking way more water now because of it.  :)

I am also taking a probiotic called Culturelle suggested to me by my new Dr. GI.  He said he takes it and it works well for him.  He also said it is a really good idea that I take it if I am on antibiotics - makes me wonder if that cancels out somehow and then just makes me have biotics in my system.  I don't know.  Are you hungry after you eat antipasta and pasta..... anyway....  The only other problem I seem to be having besides the dry mouth is some slight flushing when I get really hot - like at clinicals when I am trying to toss around the old people.  My face got really red and hot last Tuesday but I wasn't sweating.  Good thing I'm a student nurse, huh?  I will have to keep an eye on that.  That's about it for now. 


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Lindsey said...

haha I love your blog. it's amazing. I see so much on probiotics that I've been wondering about it too.