Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Dr. GI = new ideas & new medications

I saw the new Dr. GI on Wednesday last week. He said that old Dr. GI was very thorough and did everything he would have done to figure out what is going on with me. I told him it wasn't so much that I was unhappy with the other doctor it was just that I felt I needed a new set of eyes to look at what is going on. He said he totally understood that. He did even have a few suggestions. One being testing my B12 level. I am actually not sure if this has ever been done or not to be honest. I should probably know that but I can't remember EVERYthing!

He also suggested two new medications for me to try. The first being Welchol. Since I cannot tolerate Questran and Colestipol powders I may have a shot at tolerating Welchol to help bind the bile acid that seems to be causing a lot of my diarrhea. This is a pill that basically does the same thing as Questran and Colestipol. I took my first dose this morning. I am starting out with one pill and advancing, as tolerated, to two pills twice a day. So far so good. Still having bile diarrhea but no horrible gas pain or problems like with the other drugs. I may even take a second pill this evening.

The second medication he wants me to try is Robinul Forte. This is a drug that will help to slow down my digestion and allow food to (hopefully) stay in my system longer. It's also an antispasmotic so it may help with the crampies too. So, in combination of trying to absorb the bile acid and slow the intestines these two medications should slow the frequency of the diarrhea. I like the thinking. I am just kind of wondering why old Dr. GI didn't try this.

Anyway, of course the pharmacy is out of stock on Robinul Forte so I can't get it until Monday. I am a little more leery of this one than I am the Welchol though. The really cool but also bad part about being in nursing school is I get to study drugs. It's always been a passion of mine to learn about drugs and how they work and I have always studied up on any medication that I have ever taken. But now I know a lot more about what all the side effects mean and how they really affect your body and all those big words that no one can ever pronounce in the side effect list and the "how this drug works" section...I know what those mean. So it makes taking anything a little scarier.

But I'm going to give it a whirl. I'll keep you posted. I follow up with the new Dr. GI in three weeks. Now onto all the homework I should be doing. Can you believe I have a mid term exam next week already? Then three more the following week??? YIKES!

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